Tuesday, April 21, 2015

#LillyForTarget (aka The Lilly Lover Hunger Games)

If you were lucky/smart and avoided all the hunger game madness that was the 5 minutes Lilly Pulitzer's collab with Target was available, well played.  I, however, was not so smart. I gave in. I said I wouldn't. I did. And I must say, I'm happy I did, except I still feel like I have "The Lilly Fever," as I like to call it. Still hyped up on the excitement and disappointment of it all. 

I was disappointed that I didn't get exactly what I wanted (but that's typical Lilly sale), and in how it all happened. I won't hop on that soapbox though. You're welcome. 

As far as excitement goes, I got some pretty great stuff! And thankfully they make children's clothes big enough to fit me. #lifehack Here's what I ended up with!  

And after cutting a few things I decided I didn't want...probably should've cut more, but it's just so cute! 

Who else shopped the collab and scored some great stuff? War stories also welcome, I'm sure some of y'all have them! 

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  1. Welcome back!!! I failed at the sale! I was traveling and in flight when stores opened and when I finally got the site to load it was all sold out, so disappointing!


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