Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Christmas 2013

It's the most wonderful time of the year, Christmas time! While we were unable to come home to Kentucky for Christmas and had to spend it in Alabama, we still have a wonderful Christmas. In fact, we're just having Christmas with my family today so technically for us it's still Christmas time! I've put together a quick recap of our Christmas and hope yours was as wonderful as ours!

This is the photo we sent out on our Christmas card, we hoped 
everyone got a chuckle out of it haha!

Spent a day at the beach in Destin. Walking on the beach in December. 
What?! Awesome. 

I decked our house out in lights, I just couldn't stop! Now poor Jason 
will be left with taking them down haha

I was pretty excited about how my tomato cage trees came out!

And our little bucket with gifts, with my almost perfectly 
wrapped presents!

I love having a mantel and fireplace! And this year I finally gave
up and purchased stockings with our names on them. I love them!

Clearly our old tree is a bit short for this house but like my momma 
taught me, I waited till after Christmas to get a new one and got an 
amazing deal! Woot woot! 

We also had a couple guests for the holiday. This is Daisy the Pug and 
Duke the Weimaraner. Dog sitting was definitely an experience. 

Saying no to this face was literally impossible. 

Our first Christmas morning in our news house! With my traditional Christmas 
pajamas of course.

I cooked my first turkey for Christmas dinner!

Cooked the entire meal from scratch, and the dressing
was delicious if I do say so myself!

I loved getting all the Christmas cards, it made it feel 
more like home!

I hope your Christmas was as great as ours, the craziest part as having two inside dogs when we've never had inside pets before, what was the craziest part of your Christmas?!

Monday, December 30, 2013

A Not So Basic, Basic

Someone recently asked me how I would style a white turtleneck. It's such a classic basic that should be in everyone's closet, but just because it's a basic, doesn't mean it has to be boring! I'm definitely more of a chunky-oversized turtleneck kind of girl but there always a placed for a fitted lightweight piece too! (The outfit in the middle is my favorite!)

White turtleneck

Saturday, December 28, 2013

A Bright New Year

Sparkle & Shine

I love the fashion choices the New Year brings, it's totally acceptable to go all out in sparkle and glitter. These are a few of my favorite looks, they definitely let your spirit shine and keep it warm! Whether you want a lot or a little sparkle, there's something for you between the outfits and accessories below that you can pair with any outfit.  I also love how the outfit in the middle can be just as perfect paired with the skirt as it is with the leggings (which are so fabulous I can hardly stand it.)

Monday, December 23, 2013

Christmas Attire: Comfy to Couture

Merry Christmas Eve Eve y'all! It's almost here and if you're like me you're already planning what to wear to who's how, to see this side of the family and that side, and so forth.  No matter how formal or informal your Christmas is, I've put together three outfits that cover them all (for the most part!). Sparkle, plaid, and fair isle...can't get more festive than that! 

Cute Christmas

What's you're go-to outfit for the holidays? How formal or informal does your family go?
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