Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Fall Sweaters

First I'd like to say I hope everyone on the East Coast is staying safe and warm during this storm, prayers are definitely being sent your way!

Fall has arrived and boy did it make an entrance.  Maybe it just seems that way since we experienced some typical Kentucky weather this last week.  80's to start the week and low 50's to end it, not to mention there's no telling what kind of weather we'll have thanks to Hurricane Sandy.  For me, there's no better fall weather staple than a sweater.  I'm a bit boring and tend to stick to neutrals with a red sweater or two thrown in there, however, neutrals will be forever classic, and you can always throw on a cute, colorful scarf or amazing statement neckless.  One of my favorite stores to get sweaters is J. Crew, and this is where I've gathered all of these little lovelies from.

I love a good turtleneck, so warm and comfy, and a good crew neck or two to put over button-ups or to wear by itself of course!  Not to mention the adorable frenchie sweater they currently have in stock, perfect for fall and for making me smile.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Personalized from Me to You

Y'all, I've recently become aware of this amazing online shop, Personalized from Me to You, and they have the most adorable and amazing stuff!  You can literally monogram anything and everything from phone cases, jewelry, hats, decor for your home, and even soap! I love the variety they have to choose from, so many different colors for everything, and not only can you monogram everything, but personalize with whatever colors and font as well.  They also have a large variety of sorority items to choose from, great for big/little gifts or events!  Here's just a few of my favorite things, and a direct link to their website!

Personalized from Me to You Website

Personalized from Me to You

Here I've shown all of the colors, fonts, and backgrounds for your monogram that you can choose from, there are so many amazing choices!

Personalized from Me to You 2

Tech accessory

Tech accessory

Tech accessory

Tech accessory


Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Cooking Curls

My hair is the worst when it comes to holding a curl, but, I have found a solution, thanks to my mom.  She found the idea on Pinterest, and it's a fantastic cure to perpetually straight hair.  You can make tight, spiral curls from root to tip or loose beach waves, which I'll be showing you!

What you'll need:
Aluminum Foil
Hair straightener

Simple huh?

1) Cut the tin foil into square pieces.  Your hair thickness, length, and size of curl you desire will dictate how large the pieces should be. 
Since I'm doing large curls, I cut larger pieces of tin foil, about 5x6 inches.  For smaller curls you can probably use 3x4 inch pieces.  This is something you'll have to probably test to make sure the foil piece is large enough to wrap around your hair.  

2) Then you'll take a piece of hair, again, since I'm doing larger curls, I wrapped my hair around 3 fingers, for tight curls, wrap a much smaller piece of hair around one finger.  Then, in keeping your hair coiled, slide it off your finger by holding the ends so they don't slip out.  

3) Wrap the tin foil around the hair, and then fold the bottom of the foil up to hold.  Do this until you've wrapped all of your hair, mine took 11 pieces of foil, other times when doing tight curls, it's been up to 30 wrapped pieces.  

4) Then use your straightener to heat the foil, for large curls, about 45 seconds, small, 20-25 seconds.  Do this until you've heated all of the pieces of hair.  

5) Wait for the foil to cool and then you can begin pulling the foil out, but don't pull it out until it's cool.  The foil slides right off and there's your curls!  You can use hairspray if you like, but mine will even hold all day.

My foil pieces. 

My hair is really long and straight, went to sleep with it wet and this is what I wake up with.  

Wrapping the piece of hair around my fingers.  

This is what it should look like when after you slide it off your fingers. 

Fold the foil around the coil.  

Fold the bottom of the foil up next.  

Once it's all up.

Don't worry if it hangs, you don't want all of your hair to be curled.  With big loose waves anyway.

Heat with the straightener. 

Once all the pieces are cool, the foil slides right off and...

This is what your curls will look like!

For the big curls, I usually have a curling iron ready, just in case some of the hair gets "bent" just to smooth it out.  

Final Product!

Monday, October 22, 2012

New Sweater

So yesterday we were at Walmart getting groceries and there was a huge bin of $5 dog clothes. I couldn't pass up getting one for Brewster, so we got him this cute little turtleneck sweater. This is what happened. I hope you enjoy and get a laugh or two!

Don't worry, I took it off right after, but we are going to be getting a bigger one, he really didn't seem to mind it!  Will probably post video later on how that goes haha. 

Friday, October 19, 2012

West Elm Bedroom

I've been wanting new bedroom furniture for a while and West Elm by far has some of my favorite, Especially the Boerum and Emmerson sets.  West Elm marries the modern and organic style so well with texture, color, and styling.  I would LOVE for my house to be full of this stuff.  Not to mention the amazing quality!

West Elm Bedroom

Wednesday, October 17, 2012


So, I saw this project on Pinterest and decided that I needed to do it.  What could be better than a glittery reindeer?  Or moose in my case.  So I'm partial to moose. But I suppose you could do any silhouette you like!

This is what you'll need:
A canvas of any size (mine is 18'x24')
Elmer's liquid glue
A pencil
A cut-out of whatever silhouette you'd like

Print out a silhouette to fit your canvas.  In the next picture you can see where I had to print my picture onto several pieces of paper in sections to fit my canvas.  

Then cut the picture out and trace it, if yours is like mine and doesn't match up exactly right, you'll have to use your imagination and draw in the spaces and make your own adjustments. 


My final sketch!  Next, you'll squirt the glue all over your sketch and use the Q-tips to spread it around and get the glue into the little spaces.  

Warning:  I got my glue too thick, thinking it would dry out before I could get the glitter on, but instead I ended up with a two day wait for the glue to dry!

Once you get the glue spread out, cover in glitter!  Pour it on heavy, don't be shy!


Once the glue was dry, I took a paper towel and guided the loose glitter onto a paper plate, I had some un-glittered spots and used the excess glitter to cover those with more glue as well.  Continue to do this until you're satisfied with the coverage and look and take your canvas outside or where ever you can to get the remained glitter off. 

And this is what I came up with! 

I've yet to either frame it or hang it, I made it with the holiday season in mind, so we'll see where it ends up, but I love it! 

Here is the link to the original blog, Daisy Dreaming http://justdaisydreaming.blogspot.com/

Friday, October 12, 2012

Deep Dish Cookies

I'm one of those people who would rather eat the raw cookie dough or cake batter, and if you are too, I have the perfect cookie recipe for you. Deep Dish Chocolate Chip Cookies. The most amazing desert you've ever eaten. Seriously.

Here's what you need. A bag of chocolate chip cookie mix, the ingredients it calls for, and a small ramekin. The kind you might put a soufflé in. I use large ones but they are for sharing! I do not recommend making one of this size for one person. There are smaller, individual sized ramekins as well and they're the perfect individual size.

Mix up the dough just like you would normally, and then, fill the ramekin(s) halfway to 2/3 of the way full. Then all you do is put in the oven at the temperature and time that's on the cookie mix package! I usually put mine in for 10 minutes, they're done when the edges of the cookie are brown, the center should not be cooked. Then pile on some vanilla ice cream and they're ready to eat! Hot out of the oven! As long as you have ice cream in each bite you shouldn't burn your mouth but still be very careful, especially with small kids, the ramekin will be extremely hot still and you'll probably finish the cookie before it cools off. I stick a folded dish towel under it so I can hold it or just sit it on the table, remember, if you drop cookie on you it will burn!

I couldn't even tell you the last time we made regular cookies, these are definitely a scrumptious treat, enjoy!

Regular Chocolate Chip cookie mix.

What kind of eggs aren't really important, but I like to get organic eggs. (I think they taste better)

Also, if you've never tried the halved sticks of butter, they make cooking much easier!

This is a ramekin, like I said, they make smaller one!

I like to fill it about half way. 

This is what it should look like when it comes out of the oven, gooey in the center, and brown/slightly crispy around the edge.

Pile on the ice cream! I always end up having to put more on before I finish. 

This, my friends, is what heaven looks like. gooey, sweet, deliciousness. 

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